Malnad estate homestays for agritourism


Malnad is a place well known for its agricultural activities. There are several types of crops grown in the region. Coffee, Tea, and Arecanut is the most popular commercial crop in Malnad. Besides these commercial crops, Malnad is home to a growing vast expanse of paddy. The cultivation of paddy in the region usually stretches between July to August and harvesting will happen from December to January months. Several varieties of paddy are cultivated in the region.

Arecanut harvesting usually begins the last week of October or the first week of November and stretches till the end of February. If you are someone interested in the harvesting process of Arecanut or Coffee you must visit from December to February months. Choose to stay at Malnad homestays which are the best places to experience agritourism in the Malnad.

Malnad homestays for agritourism

If you love to explore agritourism in Malnad then you must visit an estate homestay during the harvest season. We help you stay up to date with the harvesting duration and when can you plan a perfect agritourism trip to Malnad.

There are different packages to escape to the agricultural world of Malnad from the chaos of city life. You can choose the timing of your visit as per your comfort. We can give you customized trip planners with food and accommodation.

We had conducted a paddy cultivation trip this July and guests were so happy with the experience. Every trip you plan should add great experiences to your basket of memories. If you are still doing boring trips just to spend a weekend then it makes no purpose in your life.

You can learn the lifestyle of Malnad people and live it during your trips. The cuisines popular during cultivation or harvesting season may not be available during other seasons. We highly recommend portals like Travel Malnad® for your trip planners to Malnad region in Karnataka.

You can customize your agritourism trip to Malnad clubbing with adventure activities like trekking in the estates and forests. There are custom-designed packages tested by our visitors that you can compare and choose using our portal.

You can be very sure of the quality of the rooms and trip itinerary based on our previous visitors. We have been serving travelers visiting Malnad for more than 10 years and have given a happy trip experience to all our guests.

Live like a planter during your vacation

If you are choosing estates like coffee, tea, areca plantation locations for your stay then you can experience the life of planters on your trip. There are several estate stays listed by us after a thorough check of amenities in the property.

You can choose from a wide list of homestays in Malnad, compare all details before making an online reservation. The estate homestays offer you luxury rooms and great Malnad cuisine. If you are traveling with friends or family groups then we recommend you choose an estate stay for your trip.

What to compare while booking Malnad homestays?

  1. Location of your stay
  2. Amenities offered at stay
  3. Total number of rooms
  4. Facilities and activities
  5. Campfire in the evening
  6. Food Inclusions
  7. Authentic local cuisines
  8. Safety and security

Things to know while booking from other websites

  1. False promises like camping on hilltop or forests
  2. Fake names of real properties
  3. Low tariff for a great property
  4. Fake promotional offers
  5. Half information about the stay
  6. Fake location displayed on the website
  7. Fake photos of the stay

You need to be fully aware of the stay you are booking with real names. There are several portals that give you fake names for a legal homestay, take bookings, and send you to another stay that would be shabby or poorly maintained. You need to be very sure of the fact that it is illegal to impersonate a stay with a different name by individuals just to earn a booking.

We at Malnad Homestays have been giving transparent information to our guests because if you are happy then only you will refer us to others. We are serving for more than 10 years without any gimmick. We are very sure that you will love to use our portal with authentic information about Malnad Homestays in Karnataka.

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