Homestays in Karnataka


If you are a travel freak who loves exploring destinations then choose Malnad. Malnad is also known as malenadu is full of wonders and adventure destinations. There are a lot of unexplored places in and around Malnad region. If you love to stay at a local homestay then it will be more fun. The homestays are popular for serving the best cuisines from the region using local flavors.

Sightseeing in Malnad

Malnad region has several places with geographical and historical importance. If you know about the Raja and Maharaja era, then you can not miss reading about the point of view of historians who have spoken hight about Malnad. Malnad in Kannada language means ‘Land of Forests’, there are several wildlife sanctuaries in Malnad alone. If you love nature and like to spend time at waterfalls, rivers or mountains then Malnad is the best region for you.

There are several places you can cover in Malnad region. Some of the top destinations in Malnad region are listed below.


Coorg is at a drivable distance from the major cities of Karnataka. If you are living in Bangalore or Mysore, then you can easily drive down to this beautiful hill station. The adventure seekers will definitely love this hill district surrounded by several natural wonders and wildlife sanctuaries. You will find nice homestays and resorts in Coorg for your accommodation.


Chikmagalur is also another hill station at a short distance from Bangalore and Mysore. You will find several homestays and resorts at coffee estates and run by professional hosts. In fact, you will not believe the list of facilities offered at these estates stays in the Malnad region.


Thirthahalli is a township in the Shimoga district with several sightseeing places. If you are planning to visit for a weeklong duration of holiday then there are several amazing things to do in Thirthahalli. We have some of the best itineraries for visiting Thirthahalli which will be updated soon here.


If you are from Bangalore then visiting Sakleshpura in Karnataka will take only 4 to 5 hours drive for you. There are so many places of interest and historical significance in this region. You will not like to miss any place of interest once you visit Sakleshpura.


Agumbe is the western ghats region in Karnataka which can be visited by clubbing it with Thirthahalli. You have homestays for your stay in this region which are in the forests and estates. You can go trekking, visit waterfalls and play in the water streams of the estates.


Sringeri is also called the temple town of the Malnad region. Besides the temples, there are a lot of exciting things to do in Sringeri. There is Kigga, Sirimane Waterfalls, and many more exciting things to do. You can club this destination with Thirthahalli or Agumbe.


Trekkers paradise, Kodachadri is well connected by roads in Karnataka. You can stay at Kodachadri at one of our homestays and cover all sightseeing places in and around Kodachadri. It will be fun to drive your vehicle around Kodachadri region during your trip.


Kavaledurga dates back to the Shivappa Nayaka era when the erstwhile king ruled Malnad region. This place was the capital of the kingdom and there was a grand fort built for the king. If you love to do a trek and like to revisit these historical places then visiting Kavaledurga will be a thrilling experience for you. You can stay at Thirthahalli and cover Kavaledurga for a day trip.

Jog Falls

Jog Falls is located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. You can book stays at Sagara and Jog Falls area or you can choose to stay in Thirthahalli. Jog Falls is very good to see during the monsoon season. The water flow will be high and you will love to spend at least half a day there. You can use the stairs and reach the depth of the waterfalls and then climb back for a nice trekking experience.

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