Malnad hospitality services at homestays in Karnataka

Malnad Stays Karnataka

Karnataka is one of the top destinations for homestay hospitality services. People from the lengths and breadths of the country visit homestays for relaxation and a rejuvenation experience. Malnad homestays is serving travelers for more than 10 years now and have been one of the pioneer companies to introduce homestay services to tourists. You would be wondering what is the specialty of Malnad hospitality in Karnataka. We have tried to outline the most important things to know about the services offered by Malnad Homestays.

The homestays are one of the most popular tourism growth promoters in Karnataka. Hospitality offered at homestays is better than in any other state in India. Malnad hospitality at homestays is considered the most pleasant experience for the guests. What are the things to expect when you visit a homestay in the Malnad region?

  1. Estate and Plantation Stay: The homestays located in estate locations will be nice for rejuvenation. Nature has its own way of relaxing our minds. Estates will be green throughout the year and you can enjoy witnessing beautiful green landscapes from your homestay. The specialty of estate stays in Karnataka is that they offer several adventure activities for the guests.
  2. Food at Malnad Homestays: Malnad as we all know is famous for its tasty cuisines. Some of its traditional cuisines are popular in several top hotels in India. The homestays serve you exceptionally good and tasty food during your stay in Malnad.
  3. Ambiance and Facilities: The rooms and bathrooms are designed with aesthetic sensibility. Hygiene is given utmost priority and the atmosphere will be filled with positivity. The facilities provided at the homestays are sufficient while you are traveling and exploring destinations. The list of facilities also includes a swimming pool and adventure games.
  4. Host at the homestays: Malnad Homestays are unique accommodation facilities located in rural parts of Karnataka. The hospitality perceived by the people of Malnad is warmth and loving responsibility. When you are staying at a homestay, you will be very happy about the warmth and flexibility of service provided by the hosts. You will be treated like their family member and not just another room guest.

These are a few important things you must be aware of while choosing Malnad homestays for your upcoming trip. We have outlined the details of each and every Malnad Stay in Karnataka who are running their services professionally for several years. You can take a free quote to start planning your trip to the Malnad region in Karnataka.

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