Road trip ideas from Bangalore


Malnad tourism is always liked by travelers, trekkers, nature lovers from Bangalore. A lot of travelers from all age groups and professions visit the Malnad region in Karnataka. If you are living in Bangalore currently and thinking of what to do during the weekend, then we have some of the most exciting travel plans. You can plan a trip to Malnad for a weekend or even during the weekdays as well.

Driving destinations

Malnad is well connected by National Highways from Bangalore. If you are someone who loves to drive your vehicle to the hills then it’s Malnad. You can choose from a list of places to explore in the Malnad region of Karnataka. There are forests, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, streams, and trekking trails. If you do not want any of these then there are estates and plantations where you can relax, laze in the gardens and sip a hot cup of filter coffee.

What are the things to know while planning a trip?

There are a few things you must be aware of before even planning your trip.

  1. Malnad is a beautiful terrain filled with mountains and ghats. To reach the Malnad destination from Bangalore you need not have to worry about driving in Ghat Section. But after reaching there will be curvy roads while you are driving around for sightseeing.
  2. Many people on social media claim or project themselves as authorised persons to take you for trekking. Stay away from them and always pick a guide or trekking expert from the stay. You must be clearly aware that in Karnataka you can not venture into forests without prior permissions from the forest department.
  3. You can go on government safaris who can show you around in their jeeps. Forest department is the only authority that has access to Safaris or allowing for trekking in forests. So do not get lured by individuals on social media asking you to join groups and hop an a vehicle going for trekking in Malnad. You might end up paying fines which the ‘group leader’ will never pay.

How to choose a nice homestay in Malnad?

You can compare and book homestays in malnad by taking free quotes from us.

  1. Always choose a company or portal to compare Malnad homestays who gives authentic names. You must be fully aware of the name of a homestay you are going to stay.
  2. Several portals try to give a ‘fake promo’ or ‘fictious offers’ of the stay. It is better ignore such portals and go with authentic holiday companies. You can rely on the local service provider for more accurate information.
  3. Get Malnad homestays package with atleast breakfast and dinner. If you like to have lunch, then there are full board packages as well.
  4. You must know that location of the homestays will be in rural parts. You might have a last mile of rough roads.
  5. Be prepared to drive uphill, small ghats and even narrow roads.
  6. You can choose homestays in Malnad after doing thorough comparison.

How many days are required to cover Malnad?

If you want to cover all the places in Malnad it will be practically impossible even if you stay for a week. What you need to be aware of is, what genre of the holiday are you interested in. Based on that our travel experts can help you choose the right stay. Once the stay is finalized we will give you a detailed itinerary with route maps to sightseeing. It will help you cover all major attractions in and around the Malnad homestay you have chosen for accommodation.

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